• Take your next .NET projects to the next level with
    A boilerplate project template for new .NET web-based applications with full source code.
  • Out of the box
    Authentication & Authorization
    Users and roles management
    Audit Logging
    Exception Handling
    Clean Architecture & CQRS

What is Unified ASP.NET Boilerplate?

Unified ASP.NET Boilerplate is a startup project template based on .NET Core and Angular and it aims to provides boilerplate code that have to be included repeatedly in many .NET projects with little or no alteration.

Benifits of Unified ASP.NET Boilerplate?

Most common features like authentication, authorization, logging, localiztion, ...etc. shows up again and again in most .NET projetcs and the idea behind Unified ASP.NET Boilerplate is to encapsulate most of repetitive code and common UI pages related to these features in a unified template that can be reused over and over in most projects. Thus, increasing the productivity by reducing development time and cost.

Out of the Box Features

  • Based on the latest frameworks

    Written using the most popular web development frameworks
  • Multi-Tenancy

    SaaS development will become easier than ever
  • Multilingual Support

    Make your business go global with Dynamic UI Localization
  • SOLID Software Design

    Built with best practices invented by legendary software craftsmen
  • Authentication & Authorization

    Most security features in one place
  • Cross-Cutting Concerns

    No repeated tasks anymore!

    The World's most trusted UI theme
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