Based on the latest frameworks

Written using the most popular web development frameworks
  • ASP.NET Core 3.x.
  • Angular 9.x.
  • SQL Server 2019.


SaaS development will become easier than ever
  • Multi-tenant and single-tenant modes.
  • Single database or database for each tenant.
  • Logo for each tenant.
  • Custom localization for each tenant.

Multilingual Support

Make your business go global with Dynamic UI Localization
  • UI Localization.
  • Ability to define new extra languages.
  • Database driven resource localization for backend messages.

SOLID Software Design

Built with best practices invented by legendary software craftsmen
  • Clean Architecture solution with clean code devised by Robert C. Martin.
  • Domain Driven Design implementation devised by Eric Evans.
  • SOLID software design principles.
  • Decoupled dependencies using the built-in .NET Core IoC container.

Authentication & Authorization

Most needed security features in one place
  • Based on ASP.NET Identity Core 2.x
  • Sign in, sign up, password reset.
  • Editable user profile for each user.
  • User lockout.
  • Login attempts count logger.
  • Password policy settings.
  • Users and roles administration with permission-based authorization.

Cross-Cutting Concerns

No repeated tasks anymore!
  • Data validation using FluentValidation.
  • Exception handling and error logging.
  • Decoupling commands, queries and event-handlers using MediatR.


The world's most trusted UI theme
  • Latest Bootstrap and Angular based.
  • Multiple layout options.
  • Versatile UI components.
  • Responsive design.